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I love Eivy. That is clearly something you probably already knew, but maybe you think that loving Eivy is so easy only because their prints are awesome. Well, let’s rewind a bit.

Eivy is like a human being: you don’t love it just because it looks pretty. You need more than that, agreed? We are together for three years now, so let me tell you what I found out.

All women working at Eivy are amazing, dedicated and have healthy dose of funny weirdness. The intelligent design comes from my number one favourite Anna Vister, founder and the one responsible for all the prints, shapes and fabrics. Which leads me to point number two.
The shape and fit of the tops and bottoms are just SPOT ON. I am tall and dorky, but these darlings are ‘covering-your-bottom-no-matter-how-high-you-reach-or-how-low-you-go’- long. Pretty much perfect already. Ooh, and the tops have neck warmers integrated! Zipper, hood or collar, it is snuggle in all the way.
Snowboarding, running, yoga, on the sofa, après-ski, while traveling, hiking, sleeping in a tent, in the washing machine or just showing off: Eivy stays (unlike me) in shape. No crumble up, weird bumps, sloppy arms, losing stretch or decolourizing. Basically nobody will find out that you have been wearing it for seven days in a row, day and night, already.

This year Eivy celebrates her 10th anniversary! Can you imagine? They have been here for ten years already! What have I been wearing all the other years?!


I’m serious: just try one. You will see. It is love at first sight.


// Mirte van Djik

The Story




Eivy was created by snowboarder & fashion designer Anna Vister to challenge and expand the perception of how multiFUNctional Base Layers can be.

From our snow fashion house in the mountain resort of Åre,
Sweden, we maximize your adventures through multiFUNctional clothing eliminating excess baggage.


"I got the idea of the brand during a season of snowboarding in St Anton, Austria. Packing light was necessary and the things I brought had to work in all situations.

My long time obsession with creating my own neckwarmers to protect myself from the cold while riding and a will to keep a streetstyle aesthetic for everyday lifestyle resulted in our groundbreaking neck warmer base layer. I am driven by minimalism, sustainability, fashion and function. This reflects in every Eivy product. Stay #unboredonboard forever."

- Anna Vister, Founder & Creative Director