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#unboredonboard 24 - Åre 🤟 

Eivy is based in the mountain resort of Åre, Sweden.
The mountains are our playground and here we share our local tips for a visit to Åre.

Best place to ride:
Rödkullen - The area where we spend most of our time shredding. It's always heaps of fun to ride around here, - easy access to powder turns, close to the park and the slopes around here have a lot of side hits and fun terrain to play on. A must do is to take Kabinbanan up to Skutan and have a look at the stunning view!


Best place to grab a bite:

720, no doubt! Great food with nice variation, cozy atmosphere and lovely staff.
They also have an amazing terrace facing over the park and lake, where you can enjoy a beer or coffee any time of the day.
And it's located at the top of the big park with easy access and great meetup point!

How to get here:
Night train from Stockholm or Gothenburg is smooth as ice cream. 


Stay #unboredonboard





The Story




Eivy was created by snowboarder & fashion designer Anna Vister to challenge and expand the perception of how multiFUNctional Base Layers can be.

From our snow fashion house in the mountain resort of Åre, Sweden, we design our multiFUNctional clothing to get you packing light and feeling right for your #unboredonboard lifestyle worldwide.


"I started Eivy 2009 out of my Punk attitude towards society to create what was missing on the market and at the same time keep my own freedom.
I got the idea of the brand during a season of snowboarding in St Anton, Austria. Packing light was necessary and the things I brought had to work in all kinds of situations.
My long time obsession with creating my own neckwarmers
to protect myself from the cold while riding and a will to keep a streetstyle aesthetic for everyday lifestyle resulted in our groundbreaking neck warmer base layer.
We maximize adventures through multiFUNctional clothing eliminating excess baggage.
Stay #unboredonboard forever."

- Anna Vister, Founder & Creative Director


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